positive finance solutionWe are bringing Positivity into the Financial System.

We are the First true Worldwide loan company, who consider application from any country of the world

No matter your region or country, apply for our loan and we will consider you application.

Are you Refused a loan elsewhere?
Do you have Poor credit? 
Are you Self-employed?
Do you need a Business Loan?
Are you a Student?
Don't worry, We’ll consider your application!

Just apply and the worst case scenerio is your application being refused but we will surely consider and give you all our options available to you, should you not pass our first stage application check.

Our Lending terms are very Flexible

We offer Repayment terms ranging from 1 to 45 years

Our Loans are for almost any purpose, and we can finance any project, being it personal or governmental

You’re welcome to apply for any loan purpose, including Debt consolidation, Personal loan, Business Loan, Home Improvements, Student loan etc .

Why choose Our loan service?

(1) Positive Finance Solutions offers loans for almost any purpose

(2) We offer a Brokerage services, if we can't assist you with a loan directly.

(3)  Dedicated Personal Account Managers to assist you every step of the way

(4)  We don’t decide to lend solely on your credit rating

(5)  Straightforward application process and 24 hours customer service

(6) We always find you a solution to your financial problem.


Positive Finance Solutions makes borrowing money effortless

Our mission is to help our approved customers get through a difficult emergency financial situation, and we provide service to customers all over UK/EUROPE/ASIA/AFRICA/AMERICA/NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA. Remember that loans are intended to be used responsibly, not terrorism, but as a financial solution. While Other loans company works to get you the funds you need until your next paycheck is available, we at POSITIVE FINANCE SOLUTIONS has an objective to help you reach a point where you can begin saving for the next financial struggle that life will inevitably send your way.

Using technology, we have trimmed the fat from the traditional loan application process.
The result allows us to make an instant decision, offer personalised rates, and transfer funds in no later than 48 hours after approval.
Your loan can be approved same day and your application is solely based on Merit and not favouritism.

We look beyond your credit score, offering loans to people with less-than-perfect credit histories, and charging them less than banks. This way, we provide fair rates to a wider range of borrowers worldwide.

In that respect, you are welcomed to Positive Finance Solutions. We could help you with any loan sum you seek. Our Interest Rate is 1% to 4.5%. Every customer both locally and internationally has the guarantee of obtaining a loan from us. We are proud to say that, despite global economic uncertainty, we are still one of the European's fastest growing independent finance companies.
With Positive Finance Solutions you can rely on a team that has the authority to make decisions and give you the answers you need to plan, grow and succeed. We provide funding to help our clients achieve their commercial, business and personal goals. Its about building strong relationships that help us find the right finance for your needs and doing it quickly, so your business can thrive.

We specialized in providing secure and unsecured loans. However we do it differently. Positive Finance Solutions are specialists in offering affordable secured loans to their customers.

Whether the loan is for investment or a just a personal loan to help out with your current circumstances, Positive Finance Solutions, could have the loan you are looking for. Our decision to lend isn’t based solely on credit checks, or the amount of equity you have in your home. Instead, we focus on you. We take the time to understand your personal circumstances, and discuss your current financial situation to find a personal secured loan for you. Of course, we’ll ask about how you managed your finances in the past, but with us it’s the here and now that really matters. That means a poor credit history will never stand in your way of getting loan from us.


Secured and Unsecured Loans Available
Loans for almost any purpose
Loans for Employed, Self Employed, Business Owners, Students, Unemployed, Pensioniers Etc.
Loans from $4,000.00 to $400,000,000.00(Wide range loans)
Good and Bad Credit Welcome, with Immediate loan decision
Loan available for both local and worldwide customers
Possibility to get a loan in your account within 48 hours after approval

Our Address

Riverside House 
The Waterfront
Newcastle upon Tyne 
Tyne and Wear 

Contact by Email:

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Trading Hours

Monday - Friday: 7am - 11pm
Saturday: 8am - 8pm
Sunday: 10am - 6pm

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Positive Financial Solution is a Part and Family of the PFS group and we are licensed Financial Service Company. We are approved by Trading Standard to provide International Lending service and also approved by the Financial Conduct Authority